What A Great Day

Check out what a few members posted in the trading room today! It’s so fun pulling profits from the market. You gotta love the base hits.

(09:47 am) Malcolm M: I held my AMD, 16% today so far.
(09:47 am) Aaron the red baron: 76% on AMD, can I get 100% today…
(09:48 am) kirk p: HRC team, Just wanted to say thank you for all you do. My education has skyrocketed since I joined last May. You are appreciated!
(09:49 am) Malcolm M: Ditto Kirk.. both my Mental Equity has appreciated and my Financial Equity has grown.
(09:50 am) Ian Smith: Kirk I second that. Only been here for a few weeks. Not trading yet, but feeling like this is the best investment I’ve made for a long time
(09:50 am) Malcolm M: TWLO, 44min, up 20.25%, no sell signal yet… current trade is only 3 spot but up $1,121 (09:52 am) Lowell W: various JD and VLO calls GTC sold at options mkt open for  +20% and +25%. Making one week’s target is a nice start to the day.
(09:53 am) Malcolm M: TWLO:  took 1/3 off, less than half an hour, $4.58, 24.83%, continue to hold 2 contracts.  Stop moved to BE.
(09:57 am) Aaron the red baron: Sold my two positions in AMD one for 83%, the other for 50%…..I’m outta here, that will do for the week
(09:57 am) Claude Langley: out remainder AMD + 50%
(09:58 am) Doug Campbell: Closing JD for 55%
(10:02 am) Lowell W: Just closed a FB $140 call… made a 100%’er, may have been my first one. Today is over 3x my week’s goal.
(10:06 am) Aaron the red baron: took 25% out of JD

(10:07 am) Malcolm M: 10% today in VIPS, 16% SQ, 6.7% ROKU, 23.5% AMD, 16% NVDA, 27% in TWLO… its a Very good day but I haven’t had my second cuppa yet!  Not seeing any sell signals in /ES or /NQ
(10:23 am) jerry g: took 58% on GLD calls
(10:23 am) Elizabeth Lamond: sold Roku 23% done for the week too scary up there 😉
(10:23 am) Bill M.: Sold my GE for 87%
(10:25 am) Linda J: Out of GE at 86%.
(10:26 am) Rick Saddler: Closed GE 69%
(10:41 am) Flash .: Sold some SQ @ 6%
(10:47 am) Craig Kleinbart: just took some profits on FNGU

(10:48 am) Malcolm M: SQ, taking profits. $2.69, 31.64%, one contract, still holding majority.
(10:51 am) Flash .: Malcolm, just call me chicken
(10:53 am) Flash .: JNJ 14%
(11:24 am) Rick Saddler: Closed AMD 50.68%

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