One Day Training Clinic

Rick’s 1-Day clinic covers in detail all of the simple trading strategies used successfully for trading in multiple time frames. All are easy to learn and completely mechanical. No more emotional turmoil when trying to make trading decisions.

Rounded Bottom Breakout – (My Favorite)

J-Hook Staging – Three unique staging opportunities to participate in the profitable J-Hook pattern. Or, participate in all with the entry, exit, and rotating profit setups!

T-Line Cross – How a simple moving average combined with the correct technical indicators can protect your profit and make you money at the same time.

Pinball – Both long and short trading opportunities in the same stock.

Moving Average Failure – A straight-forward setup to take quick money on short positions. (Blue Ice Failure)

Course Outline

High Probability Strategies – Easy to learn mechanical trades


Rounded Bottom Breakout
J-Hooks, Flags, Pennants
T-Line Cross………T-Line Runs
Pinball Set Up– Little ATM Machine
MA Failure (Blue Ice Failure)–a straight-forward setup to take quick money on short positions.
Rounded Bottom Breakout (RBB)– This chart pattern has become a favorite

Trading For Profit – You can’t trade for a living if you don’t learn to take profits
Candlestick Sell Signals
Profit Daily or Weekly or Monthly – Make a Plan
Entry & Exits
Money Management
How to Trade for a Living

Using Candlesticks – The leading indicator for timing your trade, and the future
Bull & Bear Engulf
Bull & Bear Harami
Morning & Evening Star
Bull & Bear Kicker
Hammer & Inverted Hammer

Managing A Watch List – Pulling the best Hit and Run trades from a universe of thousands
Narrowing Your Picks
How to Watch for Buys
Tips & Tricks For Fast Percentage Moves

Chart Management

Rules To Trade By

My Thoughts On Trading For A Living

Taking Profits

Trading Is War!
This clinic takes you from beginning to end in one intense training day. But don’t take our word for it – Read the comments from previous clinic participants