Why "Road To Wealth" with Hit and Run Candlesticks?

January of 2018, Rick decided to open a small $5,000.00 trading account to show small and large account traders can make a difference in thie financial future. 

For 2019 Rick plans on taking the now $23,567.00 account to $50,000.00 before December 31, 2019. Remember he already has increased the account $5,000.00 to $23,567.00 or 362% in 2018.

If you are interested working with Rick Saddler and the Inner Circle click the button below and ask for more information.

  • One full Year Hit and Run Candlesticks Membership
  • Work personally with Rick in Skype, coaching, answering your trading questions and sharing charts for 3-months.
    • 2 days a week, 45 min per session.
  • Plus HRC Inner Circle workshops provided in 2019
  • Free - All current educational products (Workshops included) and free accesses to all new products and workshops in 2019
  • Topics taught and more!
    • T-Line Bands - The setup, how to trade them, how to scan for the T-Bands.
    • (RBB) Setup - The setup, how to trade the RBB, how to scan for the RBB
    • POP Out of The Box - The setup, how to trade the POOTB, how to scan for the POOTB.
    • V-Stop - How to use the V-Stop for low-risk entries.
    • Red/Green Line - The setup, how to trade the RED/Green Line, how to scan for the Red/Green Line.
    • Trend Lines - Understand drawing trendlines to determine Trend, Support and Resistance.
    • The Power of Base Hits - Learn the Base Hits technic for trade success.
    • Chart Patterns - Learn the power of chart patterns and the secrets they tell.
    • Price Action - When you add Price Action to the machine you now have a well oiled, solid running engine that's ready to run.
    • Plus anything you want covered!

Below is the 2018/2019 graph based on the monthly statements from Rick's brokerage firm. The monthly statements are also available to the public.

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