Training Clinics

The Hit and Run Candlesticks Family, which includes Right Way Options and Trader Vision 20/20 trading clinics, is designed to answer your questions and teach you how to trade successfully. Whether you find a trade on your own or you receive a trade idea from someone else, you need to know how to trade it.

Road Trip With Continuation Patterns

Presented by Rick Saddler

Next Workshop Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sharpen Your Edge With StochRSI

Presented by Steve Risner


Trade The (RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout

Presented by Rick Saddler

Trading The Pop-Out-of-The-Box Pattern

Presented by Doug Campbell

Trading with Fibonacci

Presented by Ed Carter

Date Not Yet Announced

Effective Entries, Stops, Targets

Building Profit by Understanding Candlesticks

Presented by Rick Saddler

Trading The PBO (Pull Back Opportunity)

T-Line and T-Line Bands

Mastering Trader Vision 20/20

Mastering Earnings and the Gap

Basic Option Strategies

Advanced Option Strategies

Winning with Breakouts

The Art of Drawing Trendlines

The Art of Scanning

Trading the Blue Ice Failure



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