The H&R mission is to provide a simple and mechanical way to  trading stocks.  We strive to find stocks that are poised for a move in a profitable direction and to cycle profits from the market to your pocket as the stock moves.

The H&R Goal – To take this journey together to ‘Trade for Profit.’

Trading  is not as simple as it sounds.  There is a significant learning curve and numerous gurus to sell you the ‘Holy Grail.’  You must learn to become comfortable with taking small losses; it’s the cost of doing business.  Like any business, trading involves continued education and money management. Failure to invest in your education can have dire consequences.  I encourage you to view this like any other business.  It is important to budget business expenses for continued education and stay up to date on all tax consequences. Paper trading is strongly recommended to protect your trading capital until you have gained the confidence and have a proven profit record for your selected trading strategy.

Strangely enough, when faced with what is most assuredly an important decision toward securing our financial future, the majority of individuals easily pass this along to total strangers.  In my opinion no one will care as much about the health of your portfolio than you.  I welcome you to join me and other like-minded individuals to take control of your own financial destiny.  Feel free to contact us at any time:  Rick@RickSaddler.com

Rick Saddler – My Personal Journey


img_9217I am living the dream! About early 1988 – late 1989 my dream was to quit my day job and trade for a living.

I felt I was ready and getting close to replacing my income from my current job. This didn’t happen overnight; I’ve been trading since 1993.

I’ve been an employee and a business owner.  Both placed a lot of money in someone else’s pocket.  Whether it was the company or the tax man, it seemed to be a lot of headache for little return.

I had a dream to quit my day job and learn to trade the stock market and so my journey began.  Around late 1988 – early 1989, I began dabbling in the market.  Make a little money; lose a little money.  Rinse and repeat.  You get the picture.  Bottom line, it was fun and had the thrill of gambling, but not profitable.  Still, I enjoyed this process for the next six to eight months expecting to find that one strategy that would hit a home run.  At this point, I was no further ahead financially and pretty much breaking even.

I was in about 1997 when I started to get serious. I put together $8,000 in start-up capital and worked to develop my own simple, low-risk high-profit trading strategies.  In a year’s time, I turned that $8K into $28K. That was a pretty impressive return until a bad trade lost me $6,500.  I quickly took the remaining cash and went house hunting.

Finally, I came to my senses and went back to the techniques that worked.  They were easy-to-spot Candlestick patterns, support, and resistance with clear entry and exit points.  I could see the same pattern developing in hundreds of charts.  More importantly, I could enter with low risk on a short-term trade, grab my profits and sleep well at night.


Investing and Trading involve significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone.
No communication or chat sessions should be considered as financial or trading advice.
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