I’m having a great time with Trader Vision. It’s imposing exactly the kind of self-discipline I’ve been lacking for planning, executing, and managing trades effectively. I’m looking forward to really diving in over the long weekend!
Thank you for the opportunity to discover this amazing tool.


Allan Higbee


“Thank you for you help with the Rounded Bottom Breakout pattern (RBB) You are right about the built in rules. I have gone from a trader to a profit trader thanks to the RBB set up, Thanks! Right out of the gate I started to make money and now my confidence is up where it has never been. Thanks Again”

– Jeff In Ok

“You have taught me not to be greedy…..Thank you Rick”

– Macs M.

“Once again I say thanks to you (and Steve). I am acquiring a much better insight into the markets and the “thinking” behind the candlesticks. Now for the discipline to build a real trading plan……. :-/ I will get there. I am determined.

“Profit Taker” is very effective as a name for your trading style. (View Profit Scanner for yourself) The “100 traders” is a great tool for explaining your thinking about candlesticks and signals.

The last one was your little explanation which included “buying stocks IS gambling”…. gambling but, you are the house, you can use the tools to improve your odds, you can set the rules to your advantage, etc. That struck me, and I think it is a very realistic and positive take.

Sorry this is so long, Thanks!”

– Steve

“This is just a quick note to thank for all your stock picks, training and guidance that you have provided. I became a member of Hit & Run Candlesticks late last year and I actually wrote to you in January to say that it was my best month trading ever. Since then, trading has been steady, but not great. Last week I decided to try an experiment – I only traded stocks from your pick list (after I had slimmed down the list a bit), I always waited the minimum 15 minutes after the open, I used the base high, base low rules, closed out losing trades that closed below the Tline and I spent as much time as possible in your chat room during the day (I can’t be in it all day!). I am pleased to say that I made just over $2,000 last week. So, once again thank you. Best Wishes”

– Alexa

“Since coming across one of Rick’s old e-learning sessions on YouTube by complete accident, I’ve been enamored with the idea of trading online. He made something complicated, very simple. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, and what better way to do it. I spent a few months (20-40 hours/week) learning everything I could about candlestick signals, chart reading, and trading online. I used resources like e-learning sessions (Both Rick’s and Steve’s), flipping through a thousand charts multiple times (thanks Rick), a weekend training session, stacks of reading material, and endless amounts of questions in the chat room. I now believe I have a freshman’s knowledge of the very basics of buying oversold positions using candlesticks, and chart analysis. Those of you that caught on quicker, bravo, but cut me some slack…I’m a slow learner.

Recently I’ve shifted gears and started trading more seriously. I set a lofty goal (for me) of $500/week four weeks ago. My first step towards trading full time. I have a normal day job so it can be difficult juggling the two. During this time I’ve made rookie mistakes costing me thousands, I’ve never been the sharpest knife, but even so, I was still able to meet this goal every week except one. This week I was $50 short. It’s hard to explain how excited I am. I’ve never been a straight A student, but today I feel rewarded. That’s probably why I felt it necessary to thank you all. Like Rick says, trading is like a heavyweight fight, and it was only because of your support and guidance I was able to win this round.

To those of you that are new who love trading, stick with it, be patient, and keep it simple. For those of you who are making a living doing something you love, I applaud

Exceedingly Grateful.”

– Colin

“Michael Lee: out of OFG $314 and GGP $95 for a nice $404 today!
Karl schulenburg: sold 1/2 HIG 340.00
Ed Bergreen: sold MBI +7%
Jeanne Price: 1/2 MBI up $300+
Scott roberto: took $600 on ARTC
Betelgeuse X2: Sold EMKR for 8 1/3% net profit
Michael Lee: Sold GGP at 2.12, went all the way up to 2.26
Dan O’Neill: out 3/4 little LVLT for 630
JACK JOHNSON: closed out all positions for $1101.22
Michael Lee: Made a $1100
Karl schulenburg: sold my ARTC $450.
Colin Sabby: closed ARTC +$680
Dan O’Neill: out last 1/4 of LVLT for 310

Thanks Rick – Another great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Michael Lee

“I took the your class over the weekend. I also want to let you know that this class was incredible. I just started my venture into trading the market when I went to a get motivated seminar in Sept and was introduced to XYZ. My husband and I went to the class, paid $12,000 to learn the stock market and 4 months later I still felt like I wasn’t standing on solid ground.

After just 2 days in your class I felt more sure of my self than I had in 5 months. I started trading yesterday with paper money to get the feel of trading. I did 5 trades yesterday and made $825.00 in paper money, I was thrilled!!! Today they told us to be cautious so I got in 4 picks that you were talking about in the online room. Within 1 hour I was in and out of all four stocks and added $4,090.00 to my paper account. I realize this is early in my trading career and I will need to keep studying and learning to get better, but needless to say, I am a happy camper!!!”

– Wendy

“I have traded for about 7 years and have had moderate success. When I discovered you and Steve and your use of candlesticks and moving averages, the pieces started to fall into place.

I recently closed a position using your method of moving averages and patterns. This resulted in setting a sell stop that produced a target 7 cents below the high with a result of the cost of boot camp being covered.

I am retired and don’t need to trade for the money but it makes it very attractive when I see your results and the potential of your teaching. I am working on getting the necessary computer power to do it justice.

I am looking forward to viewing the recordings and learn what I missed live.

Thanks for what your are doing. You help us all.”

– Bob

“After 20+ years as a computer analyst for a Mutual Fund company managing 650 Billion $s and listening to dozens of trading rooms and listening to dozens of so called experts you will not find a more honest person than Rick. He tells it like it is good or bad. He doesn’t hesitate to share if he could have done a trade better or gets caught in a trade that doesn’t work out. Even if you don’t use his trading approach his knowledge of how markets work and knowing how to negotiate a better price and take profits is invaluable to being successful.”

– Kenneth K.

“Rick, just wanted to thank you. I was not consistently profitable until I started following your method of buying pull backs (negotiating the buy price). I use to buy the breakouts, which usually reversed on me. It has opened up a whole new world for me.”

– JR, Utah

“Hi Rick, I got to give you all the credit for my little $2000 account. It is now $5299. Thank you for this room and your generosity with great information.”

– Pam, West Virginia

“I am happy to tell you that since I’ve been back, I have turned around my trading and from a loss of about 1,500, I am flat today for a net gain of about 3,000. Thanks for your help.”

– Roberto

“I thought Saturday was great…Learned a lot, not only from the lectures but from the gathering of people and ideas. There were real time exchanges of ideas between Rick and Warren that was great to watch and learn from. We also had a chance to have one on ones with all the presenters, and it was great that they made themselves available.”

– Robert, TX

“Rick — I wanted to say I appreciate another lesson about managing losses. I had a stock yesterday that gapped down — even on good earnings. I was in the hole about $750 (big for me!), but, rather than panic sell, I asked myself, “What Would Rick Do?” I saw another lower gap that when filled, I figured would hold as resistance. When it hit that gap, it did stop, and I doubled my position — per some of your moves. By the end of the day, I managed to sell the stock for a small loss though the stock was down for the day. So, using your thinking, that was my best trade for the day — turning almost a $1000 loss into a $100 loss. THANKS for the lesson.”

– Guy, Florida

“Rick I have been using the Profit Scanner for about 2 weeks now . In these 2 weeks i have made more then I have ever made over even a month. I have only used 2 windows the New high and the 8 EMA BUY. I have been in your room for 2 years now . Many times I have heard you say serious traders need serious tools. Now i understand thanks my friend for all you do.”

– Ernie B