No Tariffs For Now

The tariffs postponed for now, and the pre-market has gapped. Today is Monday 2/25/2019, and the pre-market has gapped over our $280.00 resistance line and looks like it’s hanging on by a thread. As of the Friday’s close the bulls held there ground closing at $279.14 and once again price closed above the T-Line and 17ema the Red/Green line. The big question today is the $300.00 line going to support (the safety net, or will price fall back through? One thing I have learned in my 31 years of trading is that a chart can be overbought and stay overbought for a very long time. While many traders ovoid in an overbought area I have found some of the best and easiest profits are hidden in an overbought condition. If price falls back below $300.00, $279.40 would be the logical first target Good trading and have a wonderful day!

Trading Plan

Remain CAUTIOUS with a few puts locked and loaded, continue to follow the “Road To Wealth” trading plan. 1. Use the Live Trading Alerts Scanner to find trades, 2. Follow the base hit rules, 3. Only enter a position if the conditions are right for entry risk and profit rewards.

Sure glad we bought GE, this morning GE is gaping up. We will be able to take a few profits and start the week off right. Thank you Live Trading Alert Scanner for the alert last week.

Live Trading Alerts News

✅Live Trading Alerts - 100 plus alerts/scans to choose from

Two new auto scans have been added to the LTA-Live Trading Alerts Scanner; the Bull -Fig Newton pattern and the Bear- Oreo Pattern. With over 100 built-in scans my favorite bullish scans are the Pop Out of The Box, The RBB, The 3x8 Trap, The Fig Newton. If you need set with the scanner set up or adding scans just let us know. Each day (Market hours) we provide Free Scanner coaching in our trading room #4. Warning the LTA- Live Trading Alert software is a game changer, alerts for candlesticks, candlesticks patterns, western patterns, price action, tends, bullish and bearish.

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