Just Another FOMC Day

A typical FOMC day is usually dreary until the Fed decisions come out in the early afternoon. Before the FED decision, everyone scramble for a position and changes their mind 2-3 times while sitting on the edge of their seat. Stay calm and have a slice of pie is what I plan to do. It really is pretty simple, if the Fed news is to risky think about cash or nearly cash. If you are comfortable with your positions and they have proper stops sit back and enjoy the pie. And never forget you don’t have to trade every day and never trade out of desperation. THE SPY CHART had a hard morning yesterday thanks to GOOG, but by the end of the day the SPY came back above our T-Line making it 23 days that price has closed above the T-Line, (what a nice run). The bears are always sitting on the edge waiting for a sign to pounce on the bull in a bullish trend, and we will also be alerted with price action and candlesticks formations. Good trading traders!

✅ The following are eleven trade ideas I am adding to my watch-list for consideration over the next few days. CMRE, PG, JNJ, ADSK, ACN, ORCL, UNP, CSX, ECL, BMO, CCK

Favorite Auto Scans

✅ T-Bands Moving up

✅ T-Band Breakout

✅ 3x8 Trap

✅ T-Line Bounce

✅ RBB Setup

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