Big Earnings Week

Big week of earnings this week, double check your positions and new buys, do you want to hold them through earnings? The past few weeks have been very good to most traders, and last week was no exception. Last week the SPY was in chart pattern creation with Monday’s pop and the next four days creating a PBO, continuation pattern. If you follow the Volatility stop, you can see five dot support line. Last week also remained above the T-Line and the 50-SMA. Above $260.60 January 23rd low we will remain bullish looking for the buyers to challenge the $271.00 area. When reading a chart, I find it is helpful to look at Price Action, Support, and Resistance, The T-Line and the Red/Green Trend/Line. The price action of the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX) closed Friday below the T-Line and the Red/Green trend line. Friday’s close did not produce any bullish buyers of the VIX. However, the VIX is testing the 200-SMA once again so we may see some a relief rally this week.

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