Swing Trade Stocks and Simple Directional Options with Results

Swing trade coaching with Hit and Run Candlesticks

Swing trade coaching with RESULTS. Hello, this is Rick Saddler – Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks. I started trading in 1988 and have learned quite a bit in the past 30 + years. Technical analysis is the key to charting and good charting leads to increased profits. Understanding price action and chart patterns is something I believe I can help with. Having a coach can help fast-track your trading.

To Inspiring Traders

✔ Stock trading can be very frustrating at times and rewarding beyond belief. And I necessarily don’t mean rewarding in terms of money (not everything is about money, but it’s nice).

✔ Why do people get involved with the stock market? Supplement retirement or everyday income. Maybe a simple side gig. Working toward financial freedom. Or simply the freedom to not punch a clock. Vacations, boats cars, and more.

✔ Fact, if you think you’re going to just simply start trading and 60 days later be an ACE trader… you’re wrong.

✔ Fact, Trading is a trade, and if you have the patience to learn the tricks of the trade and treat trading like a business which it is you are on your way to a very rewarding step into your future.

✔ Fact, not everyone makes it in trading and trading is not for everyone.

✔ Fact, Yes I have doubled my trading account a few times over the years and so have many, many other traders. It takes a commitment, are you ready? Do you have the commitment? By the way yes, I have lost money as well. Trading is a long game, not a short game, if you’re after a get-rich-quick kinda thing, then trading is not for you.

✔ I teach the are of Swing Trading, entering a position, controling risk and profiting into strenght. Usally hols time is over night to about 20-Days

  1. T-Line Bounce Setup
  2. T-Line Cross PBO Setup
  3. Trending PBO setup
  4. 3/8 Trap Setup
  5. J-Hook-Continuation Pattern
  6. POOTB Setup
  7. Trendicator 50sma Box Setup
  8. Rounded Bottom Breakout Setup
  9. Pinball Setup
  10. Price Action With Candlesticks
  11. Controlling Risk
  12. Profit Taking
  13. Goal Setting
  14. Don’t Fight The Gorilla

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