Swing Trade Stocks and Simple Directional Options with Results

Swing trade coaching with Hit and Run Candlesticks

Swing trade coaching with RESULTS. Hello, this is Rick Saddler – Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks. I started trading in 1988 and have learned quite a bit in the past 30 + years. Technical analysis is the key to charting and good charting leads to increased profits. Understanding price action and chart patterns is something I believe I can help with. Having a coach can help fast-track your trading.

Master Our Flagship Strategies?

  • Steps to Doubling your account is good to know.
  • Candlesticks (Price Action)
  • How we use the 3-Bar Chart?
  • Want to know how we use moving avergaes?
  • How to use the T-Line or the Trendicator?
  • PBO Setup- PBO stands for “Pull Back Opportunity”.
  • How to trade the 3/8 Strategy? (Bullish or Bearish)
  • Rounded Bottom Breakout – The Rounded Bottom Breakout is a Favorite.
  • Like charts off the bottom? The Pisball Strategy might be for you.
  • The 17-50 Trap is another favorite, leading into a RBB strategy.
  • T-Line – The T-Line is the 8ema, most of my trading is near and around the T-Line, Bullish or bearish.
  • The Blue Ice Failure Stretegy is a staple for short trading.
  • Controling risk
  • Profit taking

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