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Swing Trade Coaching with Rick Saddler – Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks

Swing trade coaching with Hit and Run CandlesticksSwing trade coaching with Rick Saddler. Hello, this is Rick Saddler – Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks I’ve been an employee and a business owner. Most noteworthy is both placed too much money in someone else’s pocket. The fact is, my employer and the tax man was the only ones really getting paid.

I had a dream to quit my day job and learn to trade the stock market. And, so my journey began. Now, 29 years of trading and coaching experience later, I am living my dream!  Another part of that dream was to help others avoid some of the difficult lessons I learned along the way, so I founded Hit and Run Candlesticks.  Every day in our live trading room, I not only live my dream but get to share with others what I’ve learned.  The most important thing I learned was that I could enter with low-risk on a short-term trade, grab my profits and sleep well at night.  My bottom line has become simplicity equals success.  I enjoy traveling and teaching clinics to others who are looking to take that next step to transition to Trading for a Living.


Many Traders Have Experienced The Following:


  • Losses cutting too deep into your profits
  • Not able to see enough Double-Digit Profits
  • Getting stopped out just to see the chart move higher
  • Confused on how to trade chart patterns
  • A complete understanding of price action and candlesticks
  • Chart management and trade planning


I have been through the same problems and have learned what it takes to be successful.

  • Learn how to use price action and candlestick signals for the best results
  • Knowing how to find the best charts to stop getting stopped out
  • One of my best aha moments was discovering how chart patterns lead to the Double-Digit Profits
  • I believe trade management is an important key trading success
  • Planning is a must


Schedule your private coaching with Rick

  • There is a free consultation prior to the first coaching session to ensure we’re a good fit.
  • Private online training using a private trading room Skype or phone.
  • Sessions can be recorded for your later review/
  • Coaching available during or after market hours.
  • Non-member cost $177/hour with a 2-hour minimum.
  • Member cost $150.45/hour with a 2-hour minimum.
  • A Member is anyone with a subscription to:
    • Hit and Run Candlesticks
    • Right Way Options
    • Strategic Swing Trade Service
    • Trader Vision
  • A money back guarantee is given.

Phone: 417-848-3519
E-Mail: [email protected]

The time is yours, and together we can tailor the coaching time to suit your needs


Non-Member 177/hour 2-hour minimum



Member $150.45/hour 2-hour minimumWith member promo code



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