Swing Trade Stocks and Simple Directional Options with Results

Swing trade coaching with Hit and Run Candlesticks

Swing trade coaching with RESULTS. Hello, this is Rick Saddler - Founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks. I've been an employee and a business owner. Most noteworthy is both placed too much money in someone else's pocket. The fact is, my employer and the taxman were the only ones really getting paid. And Trading for a living offers so many great benefits.

I have been trading for over 31 years now and fulltime for a living 25 years. In 2018, I opened a new trading account I call "Road To Wealth". The account was opened with $5,100.00 and started trading mostly simple directional options and a few stocks. At the end of 2019, the account was up 480% and up too $26,500.00.

Then along came 2019, The plan was to double the "Road To Wealth Account" by doing the same thing I have been doing, following a few simple rules, rinse and repeat the simple Options and stock strategy that has proven results. Proven with sharing my trading account statement. Unfortanly in early 2019, I was diagnosed with cancer that I have now beat! We ended 2019 up 607% or $36,064.00


  • Not sure of the high profitable strategies
  • Losses cutting too deep into your profits
  • Not able to see enough Double-Digit Profits
  • Getting stopped out just to see the chart move higher
  • Confused on how to trade chart patterns
  • A complete understanding of price action and candlesticks
  • Chart management and trade planning


Trading RESULTS with Rick Saddler

  • Learn the Hi profitable strategies form Rick and see the results
  • Learn how to use price action and candlestick signals for the best results
  • Knowing how to find the best charts to stop getting stopped out
  • One of my best aha moments was discovering how chart patterns lead to Double-Digit or Tripple-Digit Profits
  • I believe trade management is an important key trading success

Schedule your private coaching with RESULTS

  • Free consultation prior to the first coaching session to nail down your coaching needs.
  • Private online training using a private trading room Skype or phone.
  • Coaching available during or after market hours

Questions? Contact Us

The time is yours, together we can tailor our coaching time to suit your needs for maximum RESULTS

With 2-hours we can cover as much as you like, below are just a few topics and we can squeeze in all of them if time permits.

✅ 10% - 20% Stocks

✅ T-Line Traps

✅ T-Bands

✅ Pop-Out of The Box

✅ Pinball Setup

✅ Controlling Risk

✅ How to Trade Breakouts

✅ Trend Continuation Patterns

✅ 20% - 100% Simple Directional Options

✅ T-Line Runs

✅ Rounded Bottom Breakout

✅ Trending "PBO"

✅ Consistent Trading

✅ Stops, Entries, Exits

✅ Using The V-Stop

Just to name a few, it's your time, I work for you, let's put all together!

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