SPY holds T-Line Band

The SPY’s Evening Star is still present as well as the QQQ’s, DIA’s and IWM. The SPY’s low yesterday was $277.48 or the Lower T-Line Band, yesterday’s low was also the 3rd lower low in a row and the 3rd lower high. The three lower lows and lower highs is a sign the sellers have more control than the buyers. However as of yesterday, not enough control to push price below the T-Line Band bullish area. $281.00 remains strong resistance but not impossible to break out. The bulls have truly been amazing. If this week’s price can hold it’s low above $276.35, it will mark the 10th week in a row of higher lows. We are still cautiously bullish, bullish because of the trend and cautious because of the $301.00 resistance.

The Month of February is coming to an end, and I would like to thank all the members for there post and comments. It is so great to read your post when you enter and exit a trade and your wins and losses, thank you. The Road To Wealth account will end the month of February with about a 15% increase or about $3,400.00.

Hit and Run Candlesticks News

Yesterday we closed another 20% from out IWM PUTS which brings the "Road to Wealth" account to over 425% increase in 14 months. Possible trade ideas- MRO, IMMU, APA, CLR, OSTK, CHK, NBR. I have opened up two more spots for the “March Road To Wealth Coaching.” Mentoring program. Read More…

Live Trading Alerts News

✅Live Trading Alerts - 100 plus alerts/scans to choose from

Two new auto scans have been added to the LTA-Live Trading Alerts Scanner; the Bull -Fig Newton pattern and the Bear- Oreo Pattern. With over 100 built-in scans my favorite bullish scans are the Pop Out of The Box, The RBB, The 3x8 Trap, The Fig Newton. If you need set with the scanner set up or adding scans just let us know. Each day (Market hours) we provide Free Scanner coaching in our trading room #4. Warning the LTA- Live Trading Alert software is a game changer, alerts for candlesticks, candlesticks patterns, western patterns, price action, tends, bullish and bearish.

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