15 Day T-Line Run

A close over the T-Line today would be the 15th-day price action has to lead the T-Line into bullish battle. Price has tightened up the last three days, the Doji yesterday is the smallest of the 3 and yesterdays low was higher then Wednesdays candle. The past three candles have also had slide into last weeks support area. This week the sellers have tried to push the buyers into a hole but have failed thus far, the buyers have hung on tight to the road traveled from the December lows. A strong bull will be wanting $266.50 followed by $270.50 a strong bear will want $258.60 followed by $255.65. The VIX-X price action has failed to close above the 50-SMA after a minor challenge. But the bottom building is possible and real.

Friday is a good day to collect a fw of those profits and take a few loss if needed. It’s kinda scary holding too much over the weekend with all the political BS and the unknown. Good trading to all and have a great weekend.

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