Trade War with China

The trade war with China set off a little selling yesterday bringing in fear to the market, as stated yesterday we are cautiously bullish. As you can see from the 4-hour chart, the trend went from red to green. Price has followed the green dot trend challenging the Dotted Duece. Yesterdays fear brought in what looks like normal profit taking down to a minor support line and still above the $258.40 support line. With price closing above the $258.40 trend line and the Red/Green Dot trend, we will remain cautiously bullish until we see a compelling bearish candlestick pattern with follow-through the breaks the bullish trend.

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VIX--X Chart – The Vix chart became a little bullish yesterday, and we are watching it like a hawk. If we see Bullish follow-through from the Morning Star signal printed yesterday, we will reevaluate ous trades and look at shorts/Puts

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