The Flag Has Not Moved

Pretty choppy day yesterday in the SPY, both the Buyers and Seller were only half trying to move the flag. Price action closed above the Red Lower T-Line Band and closed below the Green Upper T-Line Band. Our 34-ema trend line is on the bullish side of the dividing line; the conclusion is the SPY is still on the bullish side of the trend. The VIX has been feeling pretty good lately; now with a low/high – higher low in place and a possible bullish Inverted Head and Shoulder forming, this is a clue to be a little cautious. We bought (T) AT&T on the 19th currently up 25.5%, T was both an RBB and T-Line Band auto alert from LTA- Live Trading Alerts. (KO) Coke is another, entered on the 25th from the T-Line Band Auto Alert.

HRC Road To Wealth

The Road to Trading Wealth can take several different paths; it’s important to find what works for you. The Trend, Price Action, Candlesticks, Chart patterns, Support and Resistance, and Strategies is the map we use to stay on the Road To Trading Wealth. Patterns and Strategies such as The Rounded Bottom breakout, The Continuation Pattern, Trending, T-Line Bands, and the Red Green Strategies are a few of our favorites. Patterns like J-Hooks, Pop Out of The Box, The Oreo, The Fig Newton, Candlesticks are some of our favorite patterns.

Trade-Ideas for consideration: GG, PG, JNJ, WAIR, NVDA, CSCO

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Took 20% on WIX puts! Thank you LTA- Live Trading Alerts

Jerry G.


I have hit for over $300 this morning using your LTA scanner, I think I have found my niche!

Coach B.

Save time reviewing hundreds of charts. ✅Find EXACTLY the right set up by being alerted for only those tickers that qualify.  ✅Stop "Chasing trades" by being alerted of the move (not finding out later.) ✅Eliminate "trouble pulling the trigger" (be sure when a ticker is moving.) ✅Stop "leaving money on the table" (manage your exits with lower-time alerts.) Stop "Predicting" by trading alerts that show the turn, not forecast it. ✅Stop ignoring the overall market (by watching alerts on DIA, SPY, IWM, QQQ.)  ✅Gain massive efficiency over flipping through charts (hoping to find them at just the right time) or waiting on someone to feed you trade ideas.

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