So That’s How It Feels

So that’s how it feels when the DOW drops 500 points on a Sunday night. Sure glad we use Fridays as a day to delete a little of our inventory. If a trader has been following a T-Line strategy, you would have been making money from the first pullback after the December low. Overall a gap down this morning should not affect the portfolio that much. Yes, there may be some losses taken today but not to the extent of the gains the past 4-months. My plan of action today is brewed a cup of coffee and pick up a box of donuts on the way to work. Manage the positions I have to take a few profits/losses maybe. But the last thing I am going to do is buy new positions without the proper chart set up or because of desperation. Its times like this that your business decisions are the most important and your trading is your business. $287.00, $284.75, $281.75 will be important price targets for the bears to capture and the bulls to defend.

✅ Profitable trading takes time and education, and a trader must have the proper tools. Hope to see you in the trading room and our educational workshops.

✅ 💰 Because of the pre-market price action, we will wait for the market to settle and the LTA Scanner alerts for trade ideas.👇

Game Changer: 
Live Trading Alerts - A tool that saves a trader time, focuses their attention onto the few stocks/ETFs (at any given second of the day) that exhibit EXACTLY the behavior (price pattern, signal and movement) a trader desires. No flipping through charts, no waiting on someone to recommend a chart, no missing trades or uncertainty about when to act...just actionable, real-time alerts of specific trade setups.
You know your the best when other educations use your work.

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