Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to your family

200-SMA - The market will only be open half a day today, and there is a good chance price finds a way to the weekly 200-SMA near the $234.40 area. With Friday's close below the Dotted Deuce, we would expect the next lower target would be the 200-SMA.

Trading Room Open House

Hit and RunCandlesticks and Right Way Options have opened our doors for the holidays; this would be a great time to get to know us, ask a question about our service and put a few $$$ in your pocket. Trading Rooms #1, #2 no password required- The password for Room #3 is B-53 •

Yes, The Little Account Can!

For 2019 Rick plans on taking the now $23,567.00account to $50,000.00 before December 31, 2019. Remember he already has increased the account $5,000.00 to $23,567.00 or 362% in 2018. Would you like to learn from someone that truly makes money, not just one hit wonders and backs it up with his account statement.

Trading Services We Offer

  1. Hit and RunCandlesticks 
  2. Right Way Options
  3. Top Gun Day Trading
  4. 30-Day Trial

Free YouTube Education  •  Subscription PlansPrivate 2-Hour Coaching

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