Friday SPY Nearing 50-SMA

💲 Yesterday 6/6/19 we closed AMD for an 89% win and SNAP for 82% win. AIG has a small gain and MCD we are holding at an 18% gain; we did close ½ MCD yesterday near the close (love the base hits). All buys and closes are announced in HRC Live Trading Room, Be sure to tune in starting at 9:10 Eastern when I’ll review the markets, trade ideas.

Another fine day in the market for Thursday even with the nail biters waiting for the Friday Jobs number. Good or bad? Your guess is a good as mine; we will know after the blog is posted. The SPY weekly chart has printed a near Bullish Engulf. Follow through over $284.80, challenge and win the pin of the 50-day SMA would suggest the bulls are back in town. Anything short of closing over the 50-SMA or a weak candle by the end of the day would but a possible Blue Ice Failure on the table. With as much as the SPY has rallied, you would think a little profit taking would be in order. The VXX pre-market is not giving any clues just yet, and the FNGU (FANG) chart is showing a nice little gap, so much can happen in a day of trading.

👉 The two charts below 👇 are AMD and SNAP both closed yesterday for 89% and 82%. I thought you might find them educational and helpful; please feel free to ask questions about them in the trading room if you like.

🎯 It’s Friday, and I don’t post trade ideas on Friday, but we do cover trades and the market in the trading room starting at 9:10 am “The LTA Live Trading Alert Scanner, and TC2000 are my #1 tools I trade with? Members, be sure to be in the trading room about 👉9:10 Eastern when I review the markets, and your trade ideas.

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6/7/2019 Acton Plan

  1. Friday is payday, clean up the dead wood and count your money
  2. Use our base hit strategy, sell into strength
  3. Grow rich trading base hits
  4. USE the LTA Trade Alert Scanner to find the winners

We use 2 of The Worlds Best Trading Tools, TC2000 for charting, LTA-Live Trading Alerts for real-time price action, candle and candle patterns, and western patterns. The right tools for the right job.👍

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