50 Pounds of Moving Average

We bought Roku a few days ago after the LTA scanner popped an alert yesterday we are up 21.1% What would you expect from the #1 Live Alert scanning tool in the World.  I would be more than happy to teach how I use the LTA Stanner.  Watch for a 4-hour clinic, coming soon.

The SPY closed a bit higher than the day before but not over the 50-SMA and the $290.98 line we talked about yesterday. Price action has not pushed through the T-Line Bands, and the V-Stop Dots are red. The VXX still does not show much fear on the daily chart other then it is set up with a low high and higher low all it needs is a reason, the conditions are in place. The player, SPY, DIA, QQQ, IWM, SMA, IYT already have 50-pounds of moving averages on top of them.

Acton Plan, Trade Toughts To Today

  1. Manage the trades I am in
  2. Don’t trade the first 30-min of the market, unless it is for a chart I already own
  3. Trade smaller, less capital in a position
  4. Fewer positions
  5. Longer lunch (LOL)
  6. Trade strong, stable charts, not one-day wonders
  7. Trade with the trend of the chart
  8. Play with base hits
  9. Stops, always have a stop plan
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Trade Ideas

We are adding the following trade ideas to our watch-list. Be sure to check earnings dates. FAS, ERX, AMJ, XHB, PAYX, NWL, CNC, HES, Trend, Protective Stops, Base hits.

We use 2 of The Worlds Best Trading Tools, TC2000 for charting, LTA-Live Trading Alerts for real-time price action, candle and candle patterns, and western patterns. The right tools for the right job.👍

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