Bears Defending Blue Ice Failure

Live Trading Alerts Scanner update v1.17.422 is available; We are still holding ROKU, SPY puts, TZA, XRX puts, GE, and PEP they were all brought to us via the LTA Scanner like a waiter brings a cold beer and Steak. The right tools for the right job.

It looks to me that the SPY still has a date with our pair of deuces $277.40 – $277.8. The Bears are defending the Blue Ice failure pattern pretty well; the T-Line Bands are being driven by a bear with price action below the red and green line. The T-Line is below the Volatility Dots, and yesterdays candle action closed below the T-Line. The T2122 chart (4wk New High/Low Ratio) has dropped to about 26, and it’s moving average is being pushed down as well. I have heard from many traders they are having trouble, so am I, remember to for trades that are working in your favor and the goes for the overall market, have you looked at IYT, IWM lately.

5/23/2019 Acton Plan

  1. Manage the trades I am in
  2. Don’t trade the first 30-min of the market, unless it is for a chart I already own
  3. Trade smaller, less capital in a position
  4. Fewer positions
  5. Longer lunch (LOL)
  6. Trade strong, stable charts, not one-day wonders
  7. Trade with the trend of the chart
  8. Trade for base hits
  9. Stops, always have a stop plan
  10. Ise the Scanner with built-in rules to find short and long trades

Trade Ideas

We are adding the following trade ideas to our watch-list. Be sure to check earnings dates. SE, ERY, DUG, SHOP, KO, PEP, GIS, LRCX, W, XRX Trend, Protective Stops, Base hits.

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