Bearish Engulf Follow-Through?

The SPY printed a Bearish Engulf yesterday after making a new high, and the VIX closed over $14.25. I have mentioned in the trading room we should be concerned if the VIX can close over $14.25. Yesterday ended the T-Line Run streak by price closing below the T-Line. If you use the Red/Green alert T-Line you know that is has turned Red, follow through on price will drag the 3-EMA below the T-Line causing a 3x8 trend to start. Price action, trend and support will be very important in the next few days. If we see weakness and follow-through on the bearish engulf I suspect $288.40 could get tested. Of course, the bulls could eat a Snickers Bar and bring us back, a close over $293.40 might bring the die-hard bulls back in the game. Yesterday going into the close we bought IWM puts, Double Top, Evening Star, 2-day Bearish Engulf, Price closing below the T-Line and the 3-SMA following. We also bought VXXB long ending the day with 21%

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✅ The following are twelve trade ideas I am adding to my watch-list for consideration over the next few days. SDS, TZA, VXXB, QID, DXD, SDS, KEYS, SHOP, ATVI, LABD, SEE, INTU. I will use the LTA Scanner to alert me on these and other setups created.👇

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