Up Or Down?

Yesterday’s candle rolled about 1.56% or about $4.40, that’s what happens when you’re afraid to fall, unfortunately, sometimes it can’t be helped. As we had said yesterday if the SPY can not turn $285.65 into support price will be forced to sleep with the 200-SMA for a day or two. Yesterday’s candle was impressive, but now we need follow-through and a test of the $285.65 area for support. For the 50-SMA followers price closed yesterday below the 50-SMA and the fast moving average has not closed back over the T-Line, meaning the buyers need more time or there are not enough buyers willing to push. Pre-Market is suggesting the buyers are in town. Hopefully, they will stay. Support above $265.85 would also suggest the recent May highs could get challenged. Keep your eye on the VXX; price is still in a bullish formation, and support is near.

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