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In Friday’s blog post I posted my Candlestick Dark Chart using just three moving averages. The moving averages (3-EMA, 8-EMA and the 17-EMA) shows how the bulls had control and now clearly shows the bears in control. Bullish candlesticks (price action) with these line in bearish formation is thought to be a bottom but requires confirmation. One more time please “Requires Confirmation.” 👉 Friday has not confirmed it was simply the buyers and sellers creating a candle; confirmation would be above about $289.00 based on Friday’s candle. Notice on the above chart the red dot above Friday’s candle, when the dot turns green you most likely will have confirmation. This indicator or strategy can be used on any chart if you are wondering. ✅ The Red/Greem T-Line Dots on TC2000 and the Alerts from The LTA Scanner are a top tool for trading. Just like a fork is the #1 for eating pie.

🎯 I use 3 of the best tools in the world for trading stocks and options. 👉TC2000 for charting, LTA-Live Trading Alerts 👉 for real-time price action, candle and candle patterns, and western patterns. 👉TradeHawk for placing the trades. Crazy enough, not one of them are expensive.

👍 A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think. – Jejj Duntemann

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