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The chart in a yesterdays blog post I had drawn two red lines, one at Monday’s high (Resistance) and one at Wednesday’s low (Support). Yesterday printed a higher low Doji within our T-Line Bands that formed the early stage of a Bullish Continuation pattern. Bullish followthrough over Monday’s high $281.31 would suggest the Bulls may be ready to challenge the $286 area. Now for the Bearish scenario – Price closes below the $277.48 support line would suggest price may be headed back to the 200-SMA. The Live Trading Alerts Scanner can and does help

It’s the first of the month, and we will start new student training on the (LTA) Live Trading Alerts. Live Trading Alerts is by far the best trading software for signaling you when stocks ready to breakout or breakdown. With a steady flow of market data, the LTA Scanner pinpoints chart patterns, candlesticks signals, and patterns, trends. The (LTA) Live Trading Alerts Scanner the trader's edge.

Road To Wealth's #1 Trading Tool. Year to-date total account profits of 215% could not have been achieved without the Live Trading Alerts Scanner
  • Searches for the setups
  • Creates scans for setups instead of a useless list
  • You can create your own Alert Strategies
  • Know when any of your positions are breaking down
  • Identify unusual volume flows
  • Find patterns and signals on Intraday and Daily time frames
  • Find the breakouts and breakdowns before the crowd

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