Trade Ideas July 15, 2014

Today’s Trade Idea

CSUN Long: (Technology Sector Solar) With a target price of about $4.75 or about 50%, this makes CSUN a chart worth looking at. CSUN has been forming a bottom from mid-May and has made a double bottom. With a small Bullish Engulf followed by a gap and strong bullish candle yesterday that engulfs the big three and a rounded bottom breakout is why this is a featured trade idea today.

My entry plan idea: I am looking to start a position on an inside day today.
My stop plan: A close below 3.0

Good Morning,
SPY: Yesterday’s gap and close above $197.15 and the close over the T-Line put the buyers in striking distance of the July 3 high. Unfortunately, the sellers are stirring the pot this morning which means we may see a little consolidation around the T-Line.

Sectors leading this market are:

  • Communication Services
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Defense

Different Ways of Trading Stock

There are many different ways to trade stock, and the key is finding the best way that works for you. In today’s article we will discuss five different ways to trade in the stock market. You will find each method unique in nature.

Momentum Trading – The momentum trader looks for stocks that move significantly in one direction on high volume and then rides the momentum until the desired profit is reached. This strategy relies on short-term price movements, and the momentum trader either takes a long or a short position in the stock, anticipating either an upward or downward continual direction. This trader pays special attention to the news when trading stock, listens in chat rooms, and continuously surfs the web researching potential companies undergoing any significant changes. This trader will watch his list of stocks once the market opens to see if his assessments are correct. Then they will narrow down their watch list to those strong stocks that are increasing more rapidly on higher volume than the rest of the market.

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Symbols for members only Date Long/Short
EXTR 7-14-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
DANG 7-11-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
CODE 7-9-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
AAPL 7-8-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
TSEM 7-7-2014 Long Needs buy signal
SINA 6-26 Long Buy on positive trading
BWP 6-16-2014 Long Needs buy signal
ZBB 6-4-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
IDIX 6-3-2014 Long Did you take your profits
KNDI 5-13-2014 Long Buy on positive trading, be a profit trader
WPRT 5-6-2014


Long Buy on positive trading
CONN 4-16-20146-17-2014 Long Close
ISR 4-14-2014 Buy on positive trading
AT +8% 4-9-2014 Long Profit taking under way
HK +38% 2-25-14 200sma Take profits

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VXX S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures: close below theT-Line ™ yesterday implies the bearish short-term swing traders are in control.

USO United States Oil Fund: The close below theT-Line ™ yesterday implies the bearish short-term swing traders are in control. The bullish piercing candle could be a sign of near reversal or at least a bounce

GDX Gold Miners ETF:Theat the T-Line ™ yesterday implies a neutral reading.

TLT: The close above the T-Line ™ Yesterday implies the bullish short-term swing traders are in control. Yesterday’s candlestick implies the buyers are in control

The above are just my thoughts to myself just thought I would share with everyone.

Investing and Trading involves significant financial risk. No communication should be construed as financial or trading advice. All information provided is for Educational Purposes Only.

— Rick

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