Inverse ETF Ideas

I have been contacted by many traders over the last few days, the concern about the recent selling. Some traders are confused or reluctant to place a short trade. The answer might be the Inverse ETF’s, you would trade them just as you might trade a long trade. I have prepared a list of Inverse I follow. You can find the list below.

I have spent the best part of today looking at charts and the indices, none of which look that good.

Two things to remember, any Bull trend has minor pull backs and corrections and any Bear trend has relief rallies.

Looking at the SPY I see 4 numbers that the Bear wants to prey on whether they get them is yet to be seen, but it is very important to have a plan if the Bear delivers.

  • 189.70
  • 181.50
  • 177 area
  • 165.00 area

The Bull can also come back as strong as ever, it just needs to prove its self before we over commit. For now the Bull is damaged and broken

Inverse ETF’s

  • BIS
  • DOG
  • DXD
  • ERY
  • FAZ
  • PSQ
  • QID
  • RWM
  • SDOW
  • SDS
  • SH
  • SPXS
  • SPXU
  • SQQQ
  • SRTY
  • TVIX
  • TWM
  • TZA
  • UVXY
  • VIXY
  • VXX
  • VXZ

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