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At Right Way Options

  • Trades are called only when high-quality setups present themselves
  • There are no forced trades in an attempt to fill some arbitrary trade quota -
    • Why risk it when the market is not providing trades that are worthy of risking capital
  • All trade alerts have clear instructions as to the contract month, strike price and how the order is to be placed with the broker -
    • This helps those new to options trading with understanding how the trade is constructed.
  • Trades are selected based on technical analysis and price action patterns -
    • Company fundamentals are very rarely considered because most of the trades are short duration which is a few days to approximately 90 days. The trend is your friend, and this service seeks to follow trending stocks. This service may make multiple trades using the same underlying company to capitalize on trade setups as a trend continues to develop.
  • There are scheduled live webinars at a minimum of every 2 weeks to discuss trades -
    • We answer questions and provide options education to members.
      • No hype about options trading returns
      • An education-based approach to options trading
      • An affordable price so that anyone with an interest in option trading has the opportunity to participate.

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        For those who want to pursue a comprehensive education in options trading, there will be special live or recorded classes. Please note that these classes may have an additional cost. Members will always receive discounted pricing for these special classes.

Investing and Trading involve significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication from Hit and Run Candlesticks or it's associates should be considered as financial or trading advice. All information is intended for Educational Purposes Only. Terms of Service

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