Morning Video 11-30-16 Posted at 8:02 AM EDT

Good Morning Traders.

At the close yesterday, it sure looked like the market would be selling this morning but the bulls refuse to give up this bull rally at least at the moment. As I write this the Dow and the S&P futures at pointing to new record high opens. One reason for the sentiment change is that OPEC is planning a production cut and the other seems to be appointments made by Trump getting a market approval of his selections.

We have a bunch of economic numbers today as well as several Fed speakers so there are plenty of ways the early bullishness could be toppled so keep an eye on the headlines for clues of a possible shift.

Currently, the RWO holdings seem to be well positioned to benefit from the market bullishness so make sure you have your profit orders in place just in case the morning pop reached out and grabs them. Have an awesome trading day!

Trade Wisely,


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