Morning Thoughts from Las Vegas Posted at 9:05 AM EDT

Good morning everyone from the Las Vegas.

As I have been watching the futures this morning it seems the market is searching for direction.  Clearly the Trump rally continues to keep us overbought for the very short term.  If you haven’t taken any rally profits as of now I would sure be thinking about that this morning.

A few stocks that have really good setups this morning are TSCO, BMY, CPB, CORE, GIII, IBM, BBY.  Keep an eye on AMD, SQ, PAY and ANF.  There are many, many more that could setting up when and if we get a little more pullback or longer consolidation.

I would keep an eye on the big banks.  So many of them seem to have really over extended.  A pullback in this sector could be the signal of further profit taking.

Make no mistake I am all kinds of bullish and believe the market has made a fundamental shift that should provide much better trading the months ahead.  Continue to prepare by building and marking up watchlist charts.

FYI; there is no video attached to this email because we are at the money show in Las Vegas. Videos and normal operation will return next Monday. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a fantastic day.

Trade Wisely,


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