LTA Support Policy

Live Trading Alerts (LTA) Support Policy

General Support Policy

  • Technical support is provided to customers currently subscribed (subscription still active) to LTA free of charge.
  • All support is subject to the terms and conditions of the LTA Subscription License Agreement.
  • LTA support includes updates, bug fixes, and functionality upgrades. All are released as either major and minor update versions (for example v1.0.7.64).
  • Support is limited to the current released version of LTA. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their LTA software up-to-date, but we will help if you have upgrade issues.
  • Support is available via email, phone (outgoing only) and Internet remote-support software.
  • Support is only available to customers running LTA natively in a Windows or Mac OSX environment. (We do not currently support any Linux Distribution, other operating systems, virtual machines or environment emulators.)
  • Support is only available for customers running LTA on current versions of the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. (Do not expect us to support something like Windows Vista or Mac ios9.)


How do I check what version of LTA I have now?

  • Open LTA
  • Your version number is shown toward the top of the main application.


How do I contact LTA Support?

There are two ways to contact us.

In either case, please provide a detailed description of the problem or issue you are facing.  Include links to images (such as those you can create with the free screen-capture tool called Jing).  Also, please include your name, phone number, version number and license number.

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