If you’re looking for an active live trading room with serious traders and a “Cheers” like atmosphere, then Hit &Run Candlesticks is the place for you.

Rick Saddler, the founder of Hit & Run Candlesticks – Trading for Profit, is there to discuss charts and strategies in the trading room the majority of the day.

We also have two other moderators available when needed and some of the nicest members in the trading room, all willing to help each other.  Our members have different size accounts and are trading different strategies, and we know trading can be stressful, and it’s comforting to know that you can ask Rick about a ticker before you trade it.  So why not give us a try?  Make this your “Cheers” trading room!

Join the Hit & Run Community in our interactive online Trading Room.

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Thank you for your daily guidance, dedication, and detailed market and chart explanations. I particularly applaud you for your transparency in disclosing your own trade results. Your emphasis on being a Profit Trader is right on, especially in current market conditions. I have learned to focus on the very few strategies that work best for me and have improved my results substantially. keep up the good work!
With warmest regards - Mura M.

I’ve been a trader for 14 years and have participated in over a dozen trading rooms. Rick’s Hit & Run Candlesticks trading chat room is by far the best I’ve ever been a part of. Great information and great people. Rick is a top-notch teacher and moderator. His commentary is useful to traders of all experience levels from novice to advanced. Rick really cares about helping everyone to become a better trader. If you want to learn, improve your trading and benefit from lots of eyes watching the markets then Rick’s trading room is the place to be. – Jay H

I have enjoyed being a member of Rick Saddlers Hit and Run Candlesticks trading room for 3 years.  The profits I have generated over that time have exceeded my hopes and expectations.  The primary focus of the room is to learn how to buy stocks with a high probability of success – whether trading long or short.  The trading room has a wide variety of traders from beginners to very experienced traders – who are great people and always willing to help.  Rick is an excellent mentor in the room and over the phone.  He monitors the room every day and provides weekly training sessions to members.  Rick’s focus is to help traders search for historically successful chart setup patterns that are approaching an optimal buy or sell point.  Once a stock is purchased, Rick’s focus is on risk management and trade management to maximize profits and minimize any losses.  I highly recommend Rick Saddler and Hit and Run Candlesticks who wants to be a successful trader. - Gary R


Investing and Trading involve significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication or chat sessions should be considered as financial or trading advice. All information is intended for Educational Purposes Only