GPRO Setup and Trade Plan

Today’s Featured Trade Idea is GPRO.

For a more detailed analysis of the ticker, refer to Rick’s Public Stock Trade Idea for today…or, of course, members can listen to his detailed analysis in the trading room at 9:10am Eastern.

However, for now, here is my analysis and a potential trade plan made using our Trader Vision 20/20 software.

GPRO broke a long-term downtrend forming a bottom over the last 5 months.  It broke into a Rounded Bottom Breakout pattern on earnings at the beginning of May and has now broken up through several potential Resistance levels inside that RBB.  On Monday it printed a Bullish Engulfing signal and broke through the last Resistance level before reaching some blue sky.  We will be looking for an Entry either inside a Buy Box (above Friday’s candle body and not chasing too far above Monday’s close).  The Target will be a Gap-fill going back to January, which is near the 200sma.  Below is my markup of the chart and the trade plan as laid out by Trader Vision 20/20.  As a bonus, if you click the green button below, you’ll be able to watch a video of the chart markup and trade planning process.


The GPRO Trade Setup – As of 6-11-18

GPRO Trade Setup 6-12-18



The GPRO Trade Plan

GPRO Trade Plan 6-12-18


Note how Trader Vision 20/20 does so much of the work for you.  As the arrows above show, Trader Vision shows you that the stock only needs to move 8% to make the Goal for the trade, while the anticipated Target price is more than 18%.  We also see that we have almost all our trade conditions in a Bullish stance for this trade.  Knowing the Risk, Reward and how far a stock must move to reach our goal…before a trade…really takes the pressure off.  No guesswork.  No surprises.  No emotional roller coaster.

To see a short video of this trade’s chart markup and trade planning, click the button below.





If you’re interested in putting the power to Trader Vision 20/20 to work for you, click below.




Trader Vision immediately simplified the process…immediately it provided that information and guidance to me. I knew what I would risk for how much reward, I began taking trades off at the 1st target, 2nd target, I was no longer holding all my trades for the homerun. I also began implementing the stop losses if and when they were reached, not just hoping the stock would recover.  It then became easier to see what patterns were working for me and which were not.  It provided a much more relaxed and stress-free environment. –Joan G



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