Trade Ideas July 3, 2014

Today’s Trade Idea

ZGNX Long: (Healthcare sector – Drug Manufacturer) ZGNX produced a Bullish Kicker Signal yesterday closing the 50-day simple moving average creating a Hit-And-Run Candlestick Rounded Bottom Breakout. With 25% from yesterday’s close to the 200 sma and about 40% to the 200 sma on PBO entry near the 50sma.

My entry plan idea: A starter position below $2.39
My stop plan: A close below $2.05

Good Morning,
Happy Birthday America!
Market closes at 1 PM Eastern today.
All indications continue to point to a bullish market. I typically follow the S&P 500 ETF, the SPY. Yesterday, once again, price closed over the T-Line (8-day exponential moving average) and its leading mate the 2-day exponential moving average also over the T-Lin

Yesterday’s candle, an inside day close, suggested a day of rest and unless the jobs number is something out of bounds up or down, I suspect today will also be somewhat of a day of rest.

Margin Trading

Margin trading, also referred to as “buying on margin,” is the borrowing of money from a broker in order to purchase stock or other securities. Margin trading provides stock investors with the ability to buy more stock than he or she would normally invest through the use of a margin account. In fact, once you open this account, you can borrow up to 50% of the purchase price of a stock! The investor must open this account with a brokerage firm, and there is a minimum amount that is required to open it. This amount will depend on the brokerage firm that you choose to open an account with. You, of course, do not have to borrow 50% but can instead borrow 10% or 20%.

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members only Date Long/Short 7-2-2014LongBuy on positive trading Buy on positive trading 6-26LongWatch for PBO buysignal 6-24-2014LongBuy on positive trading, Be a profit trader 6-18-2014LongBuy on positive trading 6-16-2014LongConsolidating watch for PBO 6-13-2014LongBuy on positive trading 6-10-2014LongBuy on positive trading, Use stops 6-9-2014LongBe a profit trader, 6-5-2014LongBuy on positive trading, J-Hook breakout 6-4-2014LongWatch for buysignal 6-3-2014LongDid you take your profits 5-30-2014Long Could be setting for next run 5-29-2014LongT-Line run, Buyers still control 5-27-2014LongT-Line run, Buyers still control 5-22-2015 6-23-2014LongBuy on positive trading, Watch for PBO 5-13-2014LongBuy on positive trading, Consolidation likely 5-6-2014 5-28-2014LongT-Line run buyers are still in control watch the 200 for profit taking 4-16-20146-17-2014LongT-Line run buyers are still in control watch the 200 for profit taking 4-14-2014 Watch for a PBO +8%4-9-2014LongBuy on positive trading, T-Line run +38%2-25-14200smaBuy on positive trading

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VXX S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures: The T-Line ™ Yesterdays close indicates sellers are in control, The candlestick pattern Is also suggesting the sellers are still in control.

USO United States Oil Fund: The T-Line ™ Yesterdays close indicates the sellers are in control, candlesticks indicate that we may see consolidation chop and more down side.

GDX Gold Miners ETF: The T-Line ™ Yesterdays close indicates the buyers are in control, candlesticks indicate that we may see consolidation chop.

TLT: The T-Line ™ Yesterdays close indicates sellers are in control, candlesticks indicates that the sellers are in control.

The above are just my thoughts to myself just thought I would share with everyone. Investing and Trading involves significant financial risk. No communication should be construed as financial or trading advice. All information provided is for Educational Purposes Only.

— Rick

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