Trade Ideas July 17, 2014

Today’s Trade Idea

VIP Long: (Communication Services Sector Telecom Services) VIP has drawn a rounded bottom breakout starting about early June and has walked along the 50-day simple moving average and yesterday posted a bull kicker-type candle pattern. This candle pattern should attract more buyers to help drive price toward the 200-day simple moving average which is approximately 16% away.

My entry plan idea: Near $8.80
My stop plan: A close below $8.33

Good Morning,
SPY: At 7 AM EST, the futures appear to be under a little pressure and at the moment the T-Line is looking a little vulnerable. The market could stand a controlled normal pullback; in fact, I think it would be good for the market. From the last bounce off of the 50-day moving average the 23.6% retracement would be about $195.60 which is near the 34 EMA, and the 38.2% retracement would be about $193.85 which is near the 50 SMA.

At the close yesterday, the buyers were in complete control closing above the T-Line while the T-Line continues to hold a position above the 20-day simple moving average and so on.
Today we’re going to see a few short ideas in our trade list. I think it might be time to start considering a few shorts added to our watchlist and maybe even a few in the portfolio.

Trading volatility

Trading volatility — an investing method typically employed in stock option trading measures the risk of an option over time; in theory, the chances of an instrument’s price being farther out from the current price increases over time. Thus, the volatility must be taken into account when selecting an option trade.

Three CBOE volatility indexes

1) The CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) shows the market’s expectation of 30-day volatility under the ticker symbol VIX. Based upon implied volatilities of the S&P 500 index options, it provides a broader measure of market risk. The VIX is also referred to as the “fear gauge” as stock investors reactions are visible in price movement. The VIX (CBOE introduced the VIX in 1993 based only upon eight S&P at-the-money put and call options, and expanded to cover S&P 500 approximately ten years after.)

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Symbols for members only Date Long/Short
IMOS 7-16-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
CSUN 7-15-2014 LONG Buy on positive trading
EXTR 7-14-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
DANG 7-11-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
CODE 7-9-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
AAPL 7-8-2014 Long Caution
TSEM 7-7-2014 Long Nice day, Profit taking likely
SINA 6-26 Long Buy on positive trading
BWP 6-16-2014 Long Needs buy signal
ZBB 6-4-2014 Long Buy on positive trading
IDIX 6-3-2014 Long Did you take your profits
KNDI 5-13-2014 Long Buy on positive trading, be a profit trader
WPRT 5-6-2014


Long Consolidation in progress
ISR 4-14-2014 Needs a buysignal
AT +8% 4-9-2014 Long Profit taking under way
HK +38% 2-25-14 200sma Possible PBO

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VXX S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures : Yesterdaysclose below theT-Line ™ implies the bearish short-term swing traders are in control, yesterday’s candlestick implies the bull may take a run at the T-Line

USO United States Oil Fund : Yesterdays close below the T-Line ™ implies the bearish short-term swing traders are in control. The Morning Star implies the buyers may be ready to take a run at the T-Line and 50sma

GDX Gold Miners ETF: Yesterdaysclose below the T-Line ™ implies the bearish short-term swing traders are in control. Yesterday’s candlestick, the Harami thinks different.

TLT: Yesterdaysclose above the T-Line ™ implies the bullish short-term swing traders are in control. Yesterday’s candlestick and the pattern the last 5 days implies a bullish set up pattern.

The above are just my thoughts to myself just thought I would share with everyone.

Investing and Trading involves significant financial risk. No communication should be construed as financial or trading advice. All information provided is for Educational Purposes Only.

— Rick

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