Rounded Bottom Breakout

Automating Scanning and Alerting for the (RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout. This short video shows how easy it is to have (RBB) Auto Alerts at you finger tips. LTA also has auto alerts for Trends, Pop Out of The Box, Continuation patterns, Candlesticks, T-Line Bands and so much more.

Testimonials from happy LTA users!

I have hit for over $300 this morning using your LTA scanner, I think I have found my niche!

Coach B.

Took 20% on WIX puts! Thank you LTA- Live Trading Alerts

Jerry G.


Coach B.

Great tool, by the way.


I love this scanner — made $460 this week on MYGN — right off the scanner !!

Bob S

Information about a chart, Price action, trend, patterns, and volume is the best information you can have about a chart. The LTA Live Trading Alerts Scanner delivers!

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