Rounded Bottom Breakout Multimedia Course

“Read, Practice, Learn & Profit”

The Rounded Bottom Breakout (RBB) Multimedia course is unique in that not only will you learn the concepts, you will learn how to trade the pattern through carefully crafted examples and exercises.


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The “Rounded Bottom Breakout Multimedia Course” includes

  • A 100+ page eWorkbook is divided into 5 Chapters that details every aspect of the RBB in terms of concepts. It provides real life examples along with written narration on how to trade them. So you actually learn how to trade the pattern.
  • Chapters that have one or more exercises that you can do to reinforce your understanding of the RBB pattern and how to trade it without losing money.
  • One chapter on how to find stocks with the RBB pattern
  • An Appendix that contains tools and special topics that compliment your RBB trading experience.
  • 3 downloadable videos.



See what others have to say about the Rounded Bottom Breakout pattern


“Having been a full time trader, I traded many different price and technical indicator patterns over the years. If I was asked to choose just one pattern to trade the rest of my life, I would choose the Rounded Bottom (RBB) pattern without hesitation. It is the hands down winner in my trading arsenal for achieving profits on a regular basis. The pattern is easy to scan for, simple to learn, and provides an entire trading plan in the set-up from entry, stop loss and price target. I often say, “RBB Rules”, and it truly does in my P&L (Profit & Loss) tracking. I would encourage both novice and experienced traders to learn this valuable set-up.”

– Doug Campbell

“I started using your Rounded Bottom Break Out strategy 2 months ago, what a difference in the percentage of winners I have now. THANKS! And thanks for helping me with it.”

– Fred N.J.

“It has been a year since I have joined Hit and Run Candlesticks. During this time I’ve been trading the Rounded Bottom Breakout pattern. I love, love this pattern, I have taken my portfolio from a negative to a positive! Wiped away 3 years of loses in almost one year trading this pattern setup, simply amazing. ”

– Cathy C.