Pinball setup/Strategy


Grab 10% profits consistently

“The Little ATM Machine”

Turn your trading into a consistently profitable money machine with the Pinball Set-up.

When Rick Saddler developed this strategy, he began earning profits consistently. He calls the Pinball Set-Up his “little ATM machine” because he was able to generate profits quickly with short term trades and grow his account.

The rules are simple yet very important and if you follow them you soon discover the power in this strategy. Ten percent profits realized on a consistent basis add up.

Rick’s little ATM Machine


What is the Pinball Set-Up?

It is a short term counter trend strategy which means you are trading against the prevailing trend. The set-up appears during a significant downtrend and after selling pressure is exhausted. Buyers step in and drive the price higher but only for 2-5 days. As price approaches the predefined target, traders take profits and price usually resumes the downtrend. If you follow the rules, you take your profits before the downtrend resumes.
The Pinball Set-Up product includes a comprehensive eBook and a downloadable 2 hour webinar recording. The eBook contains:

  • Detail on the 4 rules for Chart Set-up
  • Detail on the 4 rules for the Trade Set-up which include entry, exit and stop loss rules
  • Examples of Pinball Set-Up trades with detailed narrative on how to trade the set-up
  • Exercises to practice trading and identifying the Pinball-Set-Up
  • Scan formulas that help you to find potential Pinball Set-Ups

Learn to grab 10% profits consistently with the Pinball Set-up. To learn more click here.

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