Recorded 3/8 Trap Class


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In this course, Doug Campbell will teach you one of his favorite, low-risk chart patterns...the 3/8 Trap Setup.  Doug covers how to recognize the pattern, as well as how to trade it by making the market come to you!

About Doug Campbell

Doug is a successful stock and options trader and heads up the Right Way Options Trading Room. He has been involved in the market for 30 years and has fully supported his family from trading profits for the past 17 years. Doug is a master of trading trending charts and taking advantage of the benefits they offer. He uses simple 'Naked Charts' with minimal indicators and then focus on the most important element of trading - Price. Helping other traders realize their dreams is Doug's way of paying it forward. Take advantage of this learning opportunity from someone who has done the work to create success in trading.


Course Materials

  • 3/8 Trap Workshop (Video Recording)
  • 3/8 Trap Trade Plan
  • Rules for 3/8 Trap Trades
  • How to plan Entries, Goals, and Stops for 3/8 Traps
  • How to use the Volatility Stop with 3/8 Traps
  • How to use the Trendicator with 3/8 Traps
  • How to use the T-Line with 3/8 Traps