Membership requirements:

Hit and Run Candlesticks Trial – OR – Membership

Right Way Options Trial -OR – Membership

1)    Log in to the trading room from your desktop computer via the HRC/RWO website.

        If you are a member of BOTH services, please set one up and then do the other.


2)   Go to your app store and download the new PTRv3 app.



3)   In the app, enter the SAME email that you use for accessing the trading room. You will also receive a Pin Code via Email. Entry the Pin Code when asked on your phone.

4)   If you don’t see the room listed on the app, log in to the room from a regular browser.

       Then click the “sync available rooms” button in the phone app.

You MUST log in to the trading room at least once every 7 days to maintain pairing to your phone. Otherwise, you will stop getting alerts and will need to redo STEP #1 and STEP #4 to restore your ability to get alerts to your phone.