No Setup and Trade Plan Market Uncertainty

There will be no Featured Trade Idea today.  It's Friday (Pay Day) anyway...when traders should be looking to book profits and take off risk ahead of the weekend.  Couple this with current political turmoil (normal political discord, Kavanaugh Nomination Hearings, the Woodward book, talk of the 25th Amendment...AND the possibility of the President unilaterally implementing another $200 Billion in Tariffs on China.  Then top it all off with the Indicies being in a short-term pullback, but sitting at potential Support.  This all adds up to there being no good reason to chase any more trades going into the weekend.  So I will be managing current positions and looking to take profits or reduce risk exposure where I can today.

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Trader Vision immediately simplified the process...immediately it provided that information and guidance to me. I knew what I would risk for how much reward, I began taking trades off at the 1st target, 2nd target, I was no longer holding all my trades for the homerun. I also began implementing the stop losses if and when they were reached, not just hoping the stock would recover.  It then became easier to see what patterns were working for me and which were not.  It provided a much more relaxed and stress-free environment. -Joan G



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