LTA – TC2000 Intergration

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 1:30 pm LTA- Live Trading Alerts meeting.

Room #4 Login Here

Topics will include:

✅ 14 New Scans (V-Stop, T-Line Band, RSI, High Price Stock RBB) for example.

✅ TC2000 Integration

✅ Main App Font Sizing…for us folks going blind

✅ Features in the pipeline (ie Options data and easy Windows)

Testimonials from happy LTA users!

I have hit for over $300 this morning using your LTA scanner, I think I have found my niche!

Coach B.

Took 20% on WIX puts! Thank you LTA- Live Trading Alerts

Jerry G.


Coach B.

Great tool, by the way.


I love this scanner — made $460 this week on MYGN — right off the scanner !!

Bob S

Information about a chart, Price action, trend, patterns, and volume is the best information you can have about a chart. The LTA Live Trading Alerts Scanner delivers!

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