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Today’s featured trade idea – HTZ
Set Up – RBB / 3-day Bu87BF40llish Engulf
Potential Swing profit40% plus

Currently up – Plus 67%
Members Trade Idea – January 18
2300 Shares Invested – Plus $2,600.
From a bull’s eye:
The bulls continue to dominate the market – The past 5-days we have seen consolidation in the SPY, this is normal after a run-up. The idea is, consolidation allows more money to come in when there is more money (buyers) the stock then moves higher.

The ETF – $GLD Meeting with a bit of resistance and selling pressure. The ETF UUP T-Line above 34-ema

Double Digit Gainers – We supply our members/subscribers with a trade idea-list every day, as of today 46 double digit trade ideas and 25 of them are over 20% some of the trades were taken and some were not. The point is… isn’t it nice to have the trade list of winners so that all that we need to do is apply our own trade plan to them? And yes we do have some of our trade ideas that do not work out.

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Members Daily Trade Ideas. Be aware of sudden market changes!
Today’s stock picks reserved for subscribed members
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