Swing Traders J-Hook Pattern

Swing Traders J-Hook Pattern Is A Must Have Pattern For The Swing Trader Looking For a Trend Continuation.

Swing Traders J-Hook Pattern

Swing Traders J-Hook Pattern PLUS Special eLearning Invitation

This book provides a framework for the J-Hook pattern. The framework will help you to recognize the pattern and give you a trade plan for each pattern so that you can build confidence in trading them

The #1 Swing Traders Chart Pattern

We use this pattern day after day, WHY? Because it works!

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Excerpts from the eBook
"Then price will stop moving down and start moving sideways. The lows of the candlesticks in this part of the J-Hook pattern stay in the same range. You can literally draw a box around the candlesticks that form the bottom of the J-Hook".
"STOP LOSS - Place a hard stop at a price below the breakout level. Two alternatives are (1) a close below the breakout candlestick which could also coincide with a price below the breakout level or (2) a close below the candlestick before the breakout. Consider your risk tolerance when setting this stop. If the stop loss price is more than you can tolerate, then move to another trade".