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In this Course, Steve Risner will teach you exactly how he trades using STOCHASTICS/RSI and Special Moving Averages to gain control of a trade.


During the video, Steve shares how he has grown his trading account from $51,642 to $55,807 in one month (Statement of Proof Provided) using Stochastics/RSI, candlesticks, volume and my favorite moving average combo. Combine these 4 tools and you have a successful trading machine!

►1-1/2 hour On-Line Workshop Includes

  • What is Stoch/RSI
  • Why I like Stochastics/RSI and How I use it
  • What time frames can we use Stoch/RSI on and what my settings are
  • How do I combine Stoch/RSI with Candlesticks and Volume.
  • What are some of the pitfalls to avoid when using Stoch/RSI
  • Trade examples using Stoch/RSI, Candlesticks and Volume


►Using 3 EMA'S To Improve Trading Results

  • Which EMAs do I use
  • What time frames do they work on 
  • How do I use them
  • Help visualize the Trend
  • Early warning of a change in the Trend
  • Using the EMA Only chart to “See” the Trend


*** Bonus ***

Share Sizing - The Simple Way

  • What is Share Sizing
  • Quick and Simple way to Calculate the “Correct” size to trade
  • Why this is only a part of a complete trading plan


Q&A During and After Presentation


► Workshop Material Included

  • PDF - Rules and Examples
  • Spreadsheet - Share Sizing
  • PDF - Copy of presentation
  • Recording of the workshop to download and keep