Rounded Bottom Breakout Workshop with Rick Saddler


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The “Rounded Bottom Breakout Workshop” includes

  • At least 2 hours of in-depth explanation and theory of trading the Rounded Bottom Breakout
  • The Original 100 page RBB workbook ($475.00 value)
  • The concept, rules, and target areas
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • How to Spot the RBB Setup
  • The Entry, Stop, and Profit Planning for these setups
  • What is the Dotted Deuce
  • How to use the Dotted Deuce as a target and support in an RBB
  • Adding the V-Stop Condition
  • Using the 3/8 Trap for Entry
  • The RBB Moving Average Bounce strategy
  • Scanning criteria for all platforms
  • 14 Conditions for Improved Success
  • RBB trade plan and direction from my perspective.
  • Why bottom construction is important
  • Chart patterns and price action I look for in the setup
  • Get all your questions answered live
  • Recording, slides, Worksheets, and e-Book materials for you to keep


“I started using your Rounded Bottom Break Out strategy 2 months ago, what a difference in the percentage of winners I have now. THANKS! And thanks for helping me with it.”

– Fred N.J.

“It has been a year since I have joined Hit and Run Candlesticks. During this time I’ve been trading the Rounded Bottom Breakout pattern. I love, love this pattern, I have taken my portfolio from a negative to a positive! Wiped away 3 years of loses in almost one-year trading this pattern setup, simply amazing. ”

– Cathy C.

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