The market is pounding on the price resistance door. Will it open?

The market is pounding on the price resistance door.  Will it open?

Pounding on the price resistance doorWith the DIA and SPY pounding on the price resistance door we are left with a question.  Do the Bull have the energy to push it open?  The QQQ has certainly been doing its part resuming market leadership capturing new highs.  Still, the broad market seems lethargic and uninspired.  Futures are currently pointing to a higher open though not enough just yet to overwhelm the Bears.  Perhaps as the morning rolls along, the huge number of earnings reports will provide the spark necessary to break through.

The longer the Bulls pound against the door unable to open it the Bears will become emboldened.  Keep an eye out for clues of failure if this level of resistance proves too difficult for the Bulls to breach.  As of now, I’m sticking with Team Bulls, but I’m prepared to switch sides quickly if the momentum shifts.

On the Calendar

Another light day on the Economic Calendar has the JOLTS report at 10 AM Eastern and 3 Fed speakers.  To move the market the JOLTS number which tracks monthly job openings would require a huge surprise.  No likely!  Of course, the Fed speakers always have a chance of moving the market if they interject an unexpected comment on rates.  Over 400 companies report earnings today with NVDA being one of the most watched.  NVDA number will not be out until after the bell this afternoon.

Action Plan

After a disappointing start yesterday the Bulls managed to stage a small choppy rally.  The DIA and SPY closed just slightly bullish, the IWM recovered from early lows, but the QQQ stretched out to a new all-time closing high.  Although bullish, both the SPY and the DIA remain under price resistance.  Both need a burst of energy to break through to new highs.  However, this also the area we have to watch for clues of failure if the Bears gain an advantage.

Counting both stock and options positions, I’m currently holding ten open swing trades.  Considering most of the market is still under the influence of resistance It’s about as aggressive as I’m willing to be at the moment.  It might be wise for some to consider taking profits on current positions before entering new trades.

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