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Good Morning Friends.

This morning the futures are fluctuating back and forth between a slightly positive to slightly negative open after closing yesterday and new record highs.  There seems to be little to no interest in profit taking before the holiday at this point however, we will have several economic reports today that have the potential of moving the market.

After the morning rush, I would expect to see volume drop like a rock although we could see a little activity right after the FOMC minutes are released.  My plan is to manage the positions that I’m in and work on watchlists today.  Anything is possible but I think its unlikely I will be sending out new trades today.

Of course, the market is closed on Thursday and Friday it will only be open half a day with very light volume.  Due to the holiday RWO will be closed both Thursday and Friday so there will not be morning videos or an open RWO room both days.  We will get back in the saddle on Monday and hopefully the market will remain bullish.

I wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Trade Wisely,


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