Hit & Run Candlesticks Chart Patterns

Rounded Bottom Breakout

This is a money making chart pattern, easy to follow, easy to find, easy to trade, easy trading rules. This has become a favorite chart pattern among our members because of it's strong profitable probabilities for swing trades and day trades.

  • You are looking for charts that have been in a down trend and the big 3 are starting to flip over or have already flipped over. Price starts running in a Bullish direction with a directional target and targets with PBO's on the way up.
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PBO J-Hook

  • You are looking for a Bullish trend and a slight pull back with in that trend. Then buy on the reversal signals or pattern.
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J-Hook Breakout

Coming Soon

Pinball Setup

  1. The trend must be in a definable down trend, T-Line below or equal to the 20sma, 20sma below the 34ema, s34ema below the 50sma and 50sma below the 200sma.
  2. Some form of a bottom forming. Examples. double bottom, low high higher low higher high, multi bar candlestick bottom
  3. 10 % or more from the T-Line to the 34ema
  4. Close yesterday above T-Line
  5. Buy on positive trading above the T-Line after yesterday's close above the T-Line
  6. Take profits on at least 1/2 at the 34ema daily chart or 200sma 60min chart, which ever is first.
  7. Use a stop on a close back below the T-Line
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T-Line and T-Line Run

The T-Line and the use of the T-Line is one of the first things I recommend to any students that I'm working with, and it works for long or short set-ups. The use of the T-Line will help with entries, exits and how to follow a minor or short term trend.

Coupling the T-Line an easy to follow indicator with candlesticks and a little common sense chart reading, along with not being to greedy has jump started many struggling traders and put more profits in the pockets of successful traders.

After BBY gaped and created a Rounded Bottom Breakout on January 11, 2012 it be came a T-Line Run by closing above the T-Line for the next 18 days until February 7, 2013

More to come!

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