Pinball Swing Trade Strategy

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You May Have Experienced The Following

"You see it.  You Know it's happening.  Your only question is how to take charge and profit from what you see."


Many Traders Have Experienced the Following:

  • Trouble finding the trade
  • Not understanding the profit potential
  • Not knowing what kind of profits are reasonable
  • Not being sure what rules are used to increase probabilities
  • Not knowing what to do when price hits resistance


Hit and Run Candlesticks has solved this problem with the Pinball Swing Trade Strategy and the T-Line™ created by Rick Saddler

  • Learn pattern recognition with the HRC Pinball video and eBook
  • Understanding candlestick price signals and the T-Line™ is crucial
  • The unique entry promotes higher reward with lower risk
  • Higher probability with the T-Line and a crossover
  • HRC teaches the highest probability target
  • How to use the 1-hour chart and the target on1-hour chart
  • HRC teaches how to overcome minor resistance

"Let Rick show you how the Pinball set-up works"

You will learn how Rick Saddler founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks Inc, trades stocks and ETF's off the bottom using the Pinball Swing Trade Strategy.

Rick, and the Pinball Swing Trade Strategy (Little ATM Machine) has been published in the "Traders World Magazine" and he has taught thousands of traders to trade successful using this strategy.

-Side note- The Pinball Swing Trade Strategy and his creation of the T-Line™ is what pulled him from a struggling trader to trading for a living.

Pinball Swing Trade StrategyIncludes Video and eBook

Hit and Run Candlesticks has been phenomenal for me. In the past 2 weeks since logging all of my trades and sticking firm to Pinballs and RBBs, I’ve made 18% profit on my entire account. Prior to you guys, through trial & error learning, I was down 8%. I have only great things to say. I can’t think of any disappointments with the site or you and the other instructors. I’m only canceling because I won’t have time in the first half of this year to take advantage of the membership. I look forward to seeing you guys in August.

Collin Leach

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