Trader Vision 20/20 Tutorials and Manuals

Member Launch Webinar and Demo:

Member Launch Webinar


Written Guides:

Trader Vision 20/20 Version 2  User Manual

FastCube Reporting Package (Embedded in TV20/20 Version 2) User Guide

FastReport Reporting Package (Embedded in TV20/20 Version 2) User Guide


Video Tutorials:


Free Trial Video Tutorial Series:


Getting Started

Setting up Your Accounts

Setting Trading Goals

Validating Trades

Planning Trades

Entering Trades

Managing Trades



Trading Psychology – Trade Grading

Lisa’s Success Story

Trader Vision Housekeeping



Trader Vision Workshops:

7/27/17 Workshop – Goals + 4 Trade Plans

10/26/17 Workshop – v2.0 Sneak Peek and 5 Trade Plans

1/25/18 Workshop – Layout – Options – Account Setup

2/7/18 Weekly Workshop – Validating and Planning Trades

2/14/18 Weekly Workshop – Overview, Watchlists and Planning Trades

2/22/18 Workshop – Overview, Walk-Through and Trade Plan

2/27/18 eLearning – Overview, 2 Trade Plans and Q/A Session

2/28/18 Weekly Workshop – Overview, Trade Plans and Q/A Session

3/7/18 Weekly Workshop- Overview, Trade Plans and Q/A

3/14/18 Weekly Workshop – Moving Computers, Inputting History, Multiple Accounts

3/21/18 Weekly Workshop – Selecting and Planning Many Trades (Long & Short)

3/28/18 Weekly Workshop – Account Manager Changes, Trade Plans and Q/A

4/11/18 Weekly Workshop – New Features in Trade Log and Account Manager and Q/A

4/18/18 Weekly Workshop – More New Features, Q/A and Trade Plans

4/25/18 Weekly Workshop – Goals, Trade Log and some Trade Plans

5/16/18 Weekly Workshop – Global Data, Performance Reporting, and Trade Plans

5/17/18 Monthly Workshop – What it Takes to Succeed at Trading, Demo and Trade Plans

5/23/18 Weekly Workshop – Development Poll and a Number of Trades Planned

5/30/18 Weekly Workshop – Performance Report Updates and Trade Plans

6/6/18 Weekly Workshop – Trade Plans Galore

6/13/18 Weekly Workshop – Goal Planning by Percentage and Trade Plans

6/20/18 Weekly Workshop – Blog Trade Updates and Trade Plans

6/21/18 Monthly Workshop – Trade Updates, Q/A, and New Trade Plans

7/11/18 Weekly Workshop – Charting Improvements, Q/A, and Trade Plans

7/18/18 Weekly Workshop – Trade Plans

7/19/18 Monthly Workshop – Trade Updates, Charting Features, First Scan Results, Trade Plans

8/1/18 Weekly Workshop – Sneak Peek of our new Scanning Tool and Planning a Few Trades

8/8/18 Weekly Workshop – Demo of the new Scanning Widget and Planning Several Trades

8/12/18 Sunday Look Ahead – Scanner Introduction, Watchlist Creation and 3 Trade Plans

8/15/18 Weekly Workshop – Scanning and Trade Plans

8/29/18 Weekly Workshop – Overview, Scanning and Trade Plans

9/5/18 Weekly Workshop – VStop Indicator, Scanning and Trade Plans

9/12/18 Weekly Workshop – Scans and Trade Plans

9/19/18 Weekly Workshop – Scanning and Trade Plans

9/20/18 Monthly Workshop – Scanning, Trade Plans, and Overview

10/18/18 Monthly Workshop – Q/A, Markets, Scanning and Trade Plans

11/8/18 Monthly Workshop – Q/A and Trade Plans


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