Trader Vision Basic

Trader Vision Basic Features & Benefits

  • Forces you to have a plan (Entry, Target, Stop)
  • Encourages you to consider the overall Market Bias (avoid swimming against the tide)
  • Encourages you consider why you are considering a trade (the actual setup, rather than because XYZ said to buy or ABC is buying)
  • Encourages you to have a trigger on entry day (either to give extra confirmation or to ensure you don’t chase price)
  • Tells you exactly how many dollars are at risk in the trade (overall and at stop)
  • Shows you the trade Risk/Reward in both dollars and percent…encouraging you to make more risk-efficient trades
  • Let’s you record trade execution and management (adjustments) for later analysis
  • Tracks trade performance at each of 3 targets, including shares still open as the trade progresses
  • Helps Eliminate Emotions in these ways:
    • The tool forces discipline (if it’s used)
    • Trading with small-enough risk that you don’t panic (as much)
    • Knowing the current Risk/Reward (as you adjust your stop-loss) at specific targets can help you hold through a pullback and let the plan work
    • Knowing your cumulative gain in the trade to date can help you decide logically when the plan should be adjusted (targets and/or stops and/or just closed)



Trader Vision Januay 2016

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Macro Work-arounds for users of Excel Alternative Spreadsheets:  Trader Vision Macro Workarounds for Excel Alternatives.pdf

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