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30-day Trial - $14.00


  • Active trading room open 9:15am - 11am Eastern trading Stock, Options and Futures
  • Weekly Day Trading Education and "Lessons Learned" eLearning Sessions
  • Daily market analysis and trends
  • Live commentary of the market in action
  • Watch an experienced trader while he day trades the markets
    • See the Entries, Stops and Targets in real time
  • Moderator with 21 years of trading, teaching and coaching experience
  • Focus during the day is on live trading and trading education
    • Day Trading Chart Setup and Configuration (including help setting yours up)
    • Learning about chart patterns – what are they and how do they work
    • Trend and Momentum - how to judge them and avoid untimely entries
    • Support & Resistance (Swing Levels) - how to buy near support, how to handle resistance
    • Reading the charts and price action correctly
    • Planning your trades
    • Trade management
  • Members receive discounts on all products, coaching and paid workshops.


Here’s what our members are saying…

“Just wanted to say I enjoy the professional way you run your trading room. You discuss indexes, stocks and possible trades the majority of the time. The instruction has been fresh and I’ve already learned. There’s no beating us over the head with lessons we’ve heard over and over, and other needless chatter – and I really appreciate this.”

– M. M.

“I have known Steve for several years both in Hit and Run Candlesticks and on a personal level. He goes the extra mile to help traders understand trading concepts and to ensure that they are successful. Steve has helped me with his unique application of the J Hook (or Zig Zag) pattern. It is now my favorite pattern by far.”

– Dan Z.

“Through their collective experience, Rick, Doug, Steve and Ed have put together a fantastic group of services for the technical trader. They won’t tell you what to buy or sell or when to execute the trade. Instead, and most importantly, they will provide you with the education, guidance and tools to enable you to make most informed decision to put the odds of success in your favor. The ball is in your court but with these guys on your team you can be confident that you will have the best chance to win more than you lose.
– Joe A


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Investing and Trading involve significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication from Hit and Run

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